As a child, reading was my escape. However, it was a hard escape to access. My town’s library was far from my home, and I had exhausted every book on my father’s bookshelf. I had no money, and the supply of books at the school library was too slow to satiate me. So I began reading online.

I discovered entire websites where people posted their fiction and fanficion–for free. I read voraciously. I consumed all I could. Then, I began posting my own fiction and fanfiction online for others to read free of charge. I wanted nothing more than to be of service in this way–to write worlds, characters, and scenarios that would help others escape the way I needed to.

Now I am an adult recently graduated from UCSC, and I’d like to return to my roots. Escape Publications sets out to provide quality escapist fanfiction, fiction, and non-fiction. And if you can’t pay, that’s okay. However, please do leave a comment and let me know how Escape Publications has helped you pursue your passion for reading.

Because I believe everyone deserves to escape. The time we spend in fictional worlds is time we take for ourselves, time that helps us be our best selves.